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Mind, Body, and Soul

We are blessed to live in this world with many opportunities & pleasures at our fingertips. I am a huge promotor of living your life “loud” & with no fear…within moderation of course & use wisdom so not to compromise your character or integrity while partaking in worldly desires.

Each environment we enter into has a different atmosphere and a variety of energy flowing through it. Some of these environments aren’t always healthy for us & can deteriorate our spirit if we ingest in abundance. Therefore, balance is critical.

It’s important to me to be intentional about re-aligning myself with God & spiritually refresh myself after being in an environment that could eat away at my soul if i bring any unhealthy energy home with me.

What does that look like? On each return trip I worship with gospel music, quiet my spirit & pray. I also center myself with Reggae, Hawaiian & a variation of other calming music on shuffle. In the week following my return I intermittently fast, watch church if i missed it due to travel, work out, eat healthy, take a toxin vitamin & sleep 7 hours a night.

In simple terms, what you ingest into your spirit will come out in your attitude & behaviors so, awareness & discernment about how much of the world you inhale is key, and re-aligning yourself following activities that may disrupt your spirit is a protective measure.


Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…

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