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Falling Down to a Spoonful of Sugar

Today I’m going to share and hopefully encourage at least 1 person...

The photo below was taken in Fall of 2014. I had just gotten legally separated, wild child shenanigans had started and I was working 50 hours away from the home. Juggling a ton and trying not to lose it, I decided to use humor to push forward and shared this “falling down” photo on social media.

This second photo was taken in 2015.

I was in extreme financial hardship (intentionally inflicted by the ex) still working 50 hours away from the home, managing 3 pets, 3 teenagers at 3 different schools, business travel had been implemented into my schedule and now both boys decided to wild out. Again trying not to lose it and always looking at the glass half full, I used humor again. This time I titled myself “Mary Poppins”.

The thought behind that was regardless of my life literally burning down around me i was going to pretend to be this fictitious character from my childhood, smile and give everyone else a “spoonful of sugar” to shield them from the stress and serve others. I could take it, I’m strong and tenacious I thought.

However, the Mary Poppins mask never came off...for 4 more years I acted “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” for everyone else and completely lost myself. I remarried the ex in 2017 because I thought it was good for know teaching forgiveness, grace...God hates divorce. It was disastrous or what you might call, excuse the language, a “shit show”! I tried to save my Wild Child and over compensated for the situation. Still working outside the home until 2018 and now traveling a few times a year, Wild Child in his prime season of shenanigans, probation, etc. I was under way too much pressure and to say I was overwhelmed is an understatement.

Let me tell you what strong and tenacious got me...a breakdown! Playing Mary Poppins took its toll, my little light was flickering and I was begging God for some relief. You know the rest of my story and by God's grace, He has rebuilt my life. Part of my process was for me to learn to set boundaries. So I did. And then I was the bad guy but guess what?! I didn’t flinch. I did not budge. Boundaries are #LIFE peeps!!!

I still work ridiculous hours, and now travel extensively but God blessed me with working from home which allows me to juggle it all much better. Wild Child still has his days but has mellowed out significantly. Life has stabilized and the masks are long gone. I share my scars and stories to encourage and inspire other women. I use my experience to hopefully help another to keep moving forward.

The image below is a meme and it’s facts! Read it and implement the word “no” and set “boundaries.” Find your peace and guard it with your life! You do not need to be everyone’s rock; that’s what God is for. So love on yourself, rest, live your best life and don’t forget to laugh because it feeds your soul!

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