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Grief is a passageway, not a place to stay

When life knocks you all the way down, get up & show life who’s boss! 🖕🏼🖕🏼

Life thought it broke me by taking my Darius. 😇 💙 D was not only my 1st born son, he was my friend & me & D ran this family together. He was a strong man, a provider, a protector & he was our watchman.

Yes, i’m devastated & feeling the loss of his absence…but the enemy has lost! Jus bcuz D is not here in the flesh, he is in my heart & that gives me strength & joy to keep going. D has been promoted & is up there running Kingdom bizness & Jae 💚Ny💜 & I are still here running this family, holding it down. 💪🏼 So we are still a team, it just looks different then b4.

This life event has made me stronger & more determined than ever, to overcome...and encourage all of you in my process. The enemy picked the wrong opponent!

I am a vessel and example to all who follow my journey, I am getting this victory…and so are you. We are all in la vida loca together. Don’t give up! Believe, hope, have faith & use your story to help others, and live your life loud! 🔊 Love you all 💕

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